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Digital drawings are made in computerprograms with a tabletpen.

The Suneater

This is a pencil drawing that later made it into digital colouring. The original sketch wasn’t made for colour but I am very pleased with the lighting. An effect I rarely use simply because I haven’t mastered it very well.

suneater pencil

Pencil sketch.

The Suneater

The digital coloured version, lighting effects and background also added to this.

Materials: Pencil, paper and Photoshop with pen tablet.

Sizirri Character Art


My character from World of Warcraft, Sizirri. This is the finished sketch and is meant for short comics.


Sketch page for the final picture.


Different angle.


Character sketches in blue ink. The last one is on top of some homework. The icon is the horde symbol.

Sketches: Pen and paper.
Final colour pictures: Photoshop and pen tablet.

Ink Bird


This is the desktop image from the Ink Bird theme. It was an experiment making a theme for Windows desktop, Firefox Person and GoLauncher for Android. -So that PC, browser, mobile and tablet could use the same theme.  This picture was made in multiple resolutions to fit different screens.

I have also reused it for many minor projects since then.



Mobile background and dock overlay picture.



Tablet background.


These are some of the buttons created for the theme though they were essentially scrapped as I tought they were too hard to understand. (Too complex.)

IB_footer IB_header

Header and footer for firefox persona (background image for the firefox browser.


Trash can icon.


Original picture painted with ink and brush on watercolour-paper. The bird itself is an old recurring doodle that I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil.

Original picture: Ink on watercolour-paper.
Icons and Backgrounds: Photoshop. Various other ink doodles where also cut up to use for graphic elements.

Red Thing

Red thing

This one is the first thing I painted in Photoshop. It never got a name because it was essentially just meant as a passtime experiment. The background is a picture of my street with filters on. The red thing was drawn with just the mouse and a brush tool.

Materials: Photoshop and camera taken picture for background.


tiger on grass

Tiger in jungle grass. This one is a favorite of mine as I made the face after an old cat. I had particular fun painting the fur with the smudge tool -a technique I have used many times since.

Materials: Photoshop and pen tablet.